Home automation, industrial automation and access management solutions


Solutions for residential home automation and the automation of commercial and industrial buildings.


Solutions for the realization of PLC systems

and analysis of energy consumption.


Hardware and software solutions for access control


OmniBus Engineering is a Swiss building automation, home automation and security company with over 20 years’ experience.
Our team is mainly made up of electronics and computer engineerswho develop solutions for any requirement.

We work for private clients and companies, helping them improve their life quality at home and in buildings in general.
To do this we analyze and choose the best technology which is available on the market.
Moreover, the solutions we offer allow us to obtain a significant increase in performance, either by taking advantage of the different possibilities offered from existing installations or from installations to be applied, by optimizing consumptionand allowing the integration of different functions such as:

Security & Control
Comfort & Energy saving
Integration & Communication

We offer projects and solutions which are a help to people with disabilities and senior citizens, by helping them perform complex tasks autonomously.
We collaborate with engineering and architectural firms in order to deal effectively with the most challenging integration problems within heterogeneous systems. This allows us to create made-to-measure solutions.

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Home automation, integration and supervision solutions

OmniBAS is the family of modules that we have developed for all building automation needs.

From the simplest monochromatic light to the Dali system Bus and DMX RGB systems, any kind of lighting can be controlled, whether it is installed in residential or commercial and industrial buildings.

These modules control shading systems (such as roller shades, blinds, curtains, etc.), opening systems and security systems.

We use the standard LonWorks® bus, which is the worldwide leader for professional building automation systems.
Thanks to our network of thousands of different suppliers, we are able to integrate a vast array of elements, including air conditioning systems, recognition systems, weather stations, elevators, pools, multimedia systems and so on.

We are KNX partners and we possess qualified personnel to manage, integrate and maintain installations based on the KNX home automation bus.

OmniVISIONis our supervision software. Thanks to this program, you can check up on your home using your PC, touch panel or smartphone.

With OmniVISION, you can create complex scenarioson your own, involving lights, machines, room temperature and shading systems. You can also visualize alarms and weather data.

You can programyour scenarios to run on the day and time you want, in a personalized calendar.



PLC and energy management

We create solutions based on industrial PLCs for the management of digital and analog I / O and measurement and control systems on industrial buses such as ModBus and BacNet.

We integrate PLC solutions with certified SCADA supervision systems and with multi-touch and mobile web interfaces.

We develop turnkey projects, starting from the definition of the specifications, the design and choice of the ideal hardware and software.
We develop the necessary code and manage the test procedures. We produce technical documentation starting from the wiring diagrams to the user manuals.
We coordinate the integration partners and take care of the commissioning of the solution.

We have experience with leading PLC manufacturers:
Schneider Electric

With Schneider Electric we offer solutions for the acquisition of energy data both via ModBus and wireless and their analysis through dedicated EcoStruxure web platforms.




Hardware and software solutions for access control

OmniACCESSis the name of our line of products developed for access control.

We can protect your access areas with different types of readers, including simple badges, digital fingerprintsor virtual badges that use your smartphoneas an identification system.

We have developed both the project management softwareand the hardwarecomponent. The system is adaptable and flexible, and it allows you to manage access areas whether you have only a small number of access points or a complex infrastructure which is connected via WAN with thousands of users.

You can add OmniACCESS to OmniBAS and create home automation scenarios that are implemented based on defined access rules. For example, with the opening of the office door with your smartphone, OmniBAS can automatically regulate room temperature, light intensity or open or close curtains, creating a comfortable working environment.

We are HID Global partners for all authentication systems operating with badges.
We supply HID Fargo printers for your badges’ professional programming and printing.
We are TBS Biometricsauthentication systems retailers regarding 2D and 3D biometrics.